Warrens Healthcare Complex Barbados

Diagnostic MRI Services Inc.

Diagnostic MRI Services Inc is the newest division of Diagnostic Radiology Services one of the most established clinics for diagnostic imaging in Barbados.

Our newest location features a state of the art 1.5 Tesla General Electric (GE) MRI unit with a range of applications in orthopaedic and neurological examinations along with body imaging. We also offer high quality digital x-ray services at this location.

We maintain a timely and efficient reporting service by our competent imaging team through our ‘Teleradiology’ technology. Through teleradiology, we can ensure efficient patient diagnosis. Images can be sent to our other offices and to the residences of our radiologists thus allowing for 24-hour access to files and immediate radiological reports for patients.

Diagnostic Radiology Services operates from three locations. Our Headquarters, located in the Diagnostic Clinic, Beckles Road, St.Michael; Ground Floor Sandy Crest Medical Centre, Sunset Crest, St. James and now our newest location here at the Warrens Healthcare Complex in Warrens.

The introduction of MR imaging is only available at out newest location in Warrens. This service now affords us the opportunity to offer a complete range of radiology services to our clients from our three locations.